Vendor Terms & Conditions

Vendor Terms & Conditions

1. Account Registration

Register for free and set up your store.
Make sure to provide accurate data about yourself and your store.
Once your registration is completed, our admins will verify and approve once all is in order.
Free training will be provided for you on how to manage your orders and store.
List your products, get them approved, and start selling.

2. Products to Sell

Keeping in mind that is a market place solely for ladies’ fashion apparels, you are only allowed to sell products/items that fall into women/ladies’ categories. These are, ladies wear, shoes, bags, accessories, Hair & Skin Care, Make-up, Bridal accessories, Hair, Cloth materials, Second-hand apparels, Wholesales.

All other products/items which do not fall under any of our categories are considered as illegal items. Thus, will not be allowed on the site.

3. Products Listing Policies

  • Product Image: Products images must be of good quality. Good product images are a vital element to success and are the most valuable marketing materials. When an image is of poor quality, note that the image may be deleted. Furthermore, note that products listed without the main image will not be approved for posting.
    Do not insert text, multiple products, or color chips in the image. Do not merge multiple products in one image. The picture should show the entire product. Do not use close-up images or images wherein a part of the product is cut.
  • Product Catalog: You are allowed to display multiple product images for each product. It is important to prepare high-resolution images and convey adequate information to customers in order to encourage them to purchase. Catalogs with no product images will be hidden from the site.
  • Product Name: A product name is the first thing to be noticed when the customer accesses a product detail page. If a simple, correctly unified product name is used, the customer can identify the desired product immediately.

Naming pattern to follow: Brand Name + Product type + Specific Name to identify the product (if applicable) + Target Age Group/Gender + Any additional Specification (size/color in case of product variation)

Example 1: Nivea Roll on Flora Women’s 50ml
Example 2: Fendi Hang Bag Women’s Brown

Note that too long product names may be ignored or not be displayed on the site. Also note that, if a prohibited word is used in the product name, the word may be deleted from the product name.

  • Product Variation: If you are selling a product in different colors or sizes, make sure you use the variation settings and link all the variant products to the main product.

The customers will be able to choose different sizes or colors of the same product on the product detail page. The products that can be linked to one main variation family are only those that show same attribute – either color or size, or in both.

 A variation catalog cannot be created for the products showing variations in other attributes such as raw material.

For example, you cannot combine both a long sleeved shirt and a half sleeved shirt to one variation family.

  • Product Description: A good product description is the one that helps the customer imagine what kind of product it is and what it can be coordinated with. Consider all the points that customers will want to ask about the product, what would they want to feel about the product, and what they expect from the product.

Describe the product features in detail. How does your product differ from similar types of products and where are the features such as brand, material, product release, and model mentioned? Include the size, application, and style.
Include accurate size, handling instructions, and warranty details.

It should be written in a sentence format with appropriate words and grammar, and not as a bulleted list.

4. State & Quality of Products/Items

Products should be just as on pictures. Already used items should be posted under Second-hand category.

Please note that damaged, or fake items will not be accepted nor delivered to customers, as it will be inspected before delivery. We encourage vendors to sell good quality products.

Any vendor selling fake or damaged items, will have his/her account closed permanently.

5. Pick up & Deliveries

Once you have an order, our team will contact you and let our delivery master pick up the order from you. After inspection of the product, we will ensure it is delivered to the customer accordingly.

6. Our Commission

We charge you only 10% of commission on your total sales.

7. Your payment

Payments are made twice (x2) a week. Every Tuesdays and Fridays. During your registration process, make sure to provide accurate details of your chosen payment mode; bank account, or mobile money.

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